Welcome to the Okun Financial Group

The Okun Financial Group, Inc. (OFG) is an industry leader in financial solutions for the affluent investor and the successful business owner or executive. We also serve those investors that find themselves suddenly in transition due to the death of a spouse, partner or parent. Investors also need us when faced with divorce, departure from work, planned or otherwise and thinking of retirement soon, or within the near future.

At OFG, we teach our clients how money works. We provide tools that track assets, liabilities, legal documents, insurance details, a budget and more.

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Our Process
Discovery, Strategy, Implementation, Monitoring and Adjusting: This is our proven process which we create, implement and manage for you.
Our Services
Financial planning can feel complicated and overwhelming. Our experienced professionals will work with you to formulate a plan with our many financial offerings which will move you toward your goals.
Our Team
Okun Financial Group team is focused on leveraging their experience to deliver unsurpassed customer service.

Introducing eMoney!

Managing your assets just became a whole lot easier and exciting! Inquire with us about how to modernize your finances.
Estate Planning
The Hardest Part of Estate Planning Is starting the conversation. We can help mitigate potential future complications as well as navigate your path to a successful plan.
News Articles & Videos

The financial world changes rapidly, and we stay ahead of
these changes.  Our articles and videos will educate you in
many aspects of financial planning.